Youth Welfare Department

Vision :
It is of paramount importance to MUST administration to form a qualified student in different aspects; personally, scientifically, artistically as well as in sports in order to make a proper orientation to those students’ energies and interests through practising sports as well as artistic and social activities.

Mission :
This department aims to prepare sports teams as well as cultural, artistic and socially interactive ones that are competent in taking the lead in different competitions among both public and private universities.

Objectives :

  • Forming team and individual sports, of both males and females, able to compete the other Egyptian universities since the competition among them is fierce in the sports and cultural fields.
  • Attracting culturally as well as sports excellent students to study at MUST and granting them free scholarships to study and represent us.
  • Expanding the scope of playing different sports at MUST.
  • Proceeding to build basketball and handball fields.
  • Seeking to increase the number of competitions with the other universities with a view to exchanging visits, strengthening relationships, developing the students’ talents.
  • Seeking to unearth talents in sports and arts and try to cultivate them.
  • Activating the mental (intellectual) level of students in all colleges.
  • Organizing trips, exchanging scientific visits with the other Egyptian universities.
  • Activating all talents among students in singing, playing musical instruments, poetry composition, acting, and different arts.



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