Center of Languages and Translation

Learning foreign languages and applying new technologies in translation are considered the most important civilization pillars in human history. We can transfer studies, researches, inventions, and scientific discoveries from one nation to another through the act of translation.
It is commonly believed that translation is one of the major cultural issues, with this rationale; the act of translation has become pivotal to benefit from contemporary foreign cultures to be associated with our national one.



To establish a center for languages and translation according to international criteria which seeks to enhance the ability to command language and become a professional in translation on the regional and national level.



Mastering foreign languages and applying translation strategies to promote community spirit and to get acquainted with different modern cultures as well as fostering the professional abilities for the translator.



1- Introducing high quality service for children and adults who are keen on learning languages.

2- Applying international certified programs in languages, according to The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

3- Endorsing university students to improve the language of their study and passing English placement test via specialized courses.

4- Providing special programs for learning languages for specific purposes in fields such as (Medicine, Pharmacy, Engineering, Tourism, etc.).

5- Holding workshops for translation training and applying modern technologies that are employed by the translator in order to foster professional abilities for the trainee.

6- Initiating translation of books and references in different majors that could be of a great benefit of internal and external researchers.

7- Releasing scientific bulletin bearing the affiliation name in different fields every three months.

8- Translating canonical scientific books specially those which lost their Arabic identity.

9- Translating any university by laws, agreements, and regulations from Arabic and vice versa.

10- Hosting academic translation specialists to participate in translating scientific encyclopedia of technical terms then to be published .


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