Central Stores Department

Profile :
The department is affiliated to the Secretary General. It is concerned with receiving and distributing different items agreed upon by the Purchasing Department.

Vision :
Maintaining the university resources and making sure that all tools, items and materials needed are available to ensure that work is going on easily and smoothly to guarantee that the educational process is done properly.

Mission :

1.Doing stocktaking for the items available in stores, as well as recording them in books and electronically, too.

2.Counting the annual demands prior to the item is used up (10% at least must be available).

3.Addressing the Purchasing Department to bridge this gap.

4.Receiving the items supplied by firms.

5.Checking the items supplied, recording them in books, and making sure that they meet the required standards.

6.Distributing the items according to the demands of each college or department. This is done pursuant to a receipt signed by the concerned person..

7.Following up the items supplied and distributed to work out a future demand plan.

Objectives :

1.Designing software so that the department can record all items available in stock.

2.Creating an items database to be aware of the items we have in stock and the items handed out.



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