University Services

Medical Services

The university has a fully equipped clinic managed by senior physicians as well as complete drug supply for treatment and the efficient response to emergency situations. This service exists on daily basis.

Counseling Unit
This unit aims at providing psychological services and counseling to the University students in order to promote their efficiency, improve their performance and ensure their psychological health.

Unit Objectives

  1. Providing counseling in the field of educational guidance so as to ensure students’ adaptation to their education through the following:
    • Helping students to select the specialization that suits their abilities.
    • Overcoming educational difficulties facing the students.
    • Exerting effort to help develop students both intellectually and academically, with relevance to learning processes, aiming at achieving success and excellence.
  2. Providing psychological counseling that help students achieve psychological and social harmony through the following :
    • Solving psychological and behavioral problems through adjusting their behavioral habits and thinking patterns.
    • Removing obstacles that hinder student’s personal development.
    • Helping students to develop their personal and social capabilities.
  3. Psychological counseling helps students achieve a stable psychological life, where they feel satisfied, optimistic and willing to learn through problem solving strategies, decision making and developing personal and social skills.
    • Helping students to understand their own personalities and to act according to their capabilities with the aim of developing their skills and recognizing the problems of individual harmony so as to reach realistic solutions.
    • Learning methods of effective and positive interaction with others.
    • Acquiring effective method for time management and facing stress.
  4. Psychological counseling aims at enjoying a stable psychological life that is free of any psychological, behavioral or personal imbalances as well as achieving psychological well-being through developing positive conceptions among students (like happiness, optimism and success).
The Central Library
The Central Library is considered an integral part of MUST's academic activities as it provides information sources and services to all the university members. In addition, it provides the students with all the library-related services, documentation services which facilitate the utilization of knowledge sources for students as well as the teaching staff, and makes the scientific research easier.
On the other hand, the library is keen on updating its knowledge sources published in whatever form, printed or electronic, such as text books, references, periodicals, manuscripts, educational aids, films, etc. It also provides search services through the Internet

The Textbook Department
It is the university policy that educational programs in different colleges be according to the international standards. One way of doing this is to have our students exposed to the instructional materials and textbooks used in reputable universities. Major departments at MUST prescribe original basic textbooks used in similar courses in the US and UK.
To facilitate acquisition of these textbooks, the Textbook Department was founded in the academic year 2005/2006. This department has been functioning effectively since then.
Textbooks are given free of charge to freshman students, sophomores and juniors.
The university administration is planning to give textbooks free of charge to all students gradually in the coming academic years.
The university administration is planning to give textbooks free of charge to all students gradually in the coming academic years.
Textbooks are given to students at the end of the registration period in each semester. Students are required to present their registration forms and university ID's to the officials in the Textbook Department.

The Smart Learning System (SLS)
At the beginning of the academic year 2005/2006, Misr University for Science & Technology started the Smart Learning System which enables every student to own a free laptop upon enrolment. The objective of this system is to maximize the utilization of modern technology among the students and to empower them to develop individualized and continuing learning skills.

Laptop Ownership Policy:

  1. The laptop is the property of the university during the student's study at the university; it becomes the student's own property upon his/her graduation from the university.
  2. The student may use the laptop inside and outside the university campus, and he is totally responsible for any misuse.
  3. The student will have to pay for repair costs due to misuse or any damage to the laptop.
  4. For any help or technical support, the student should go to the Laptop Department only; it is not allowed to deal with anyone else.
  5. In case the laptop is lost or stolen, the student should report to the Laptop Department within 24 hours.
  6. In case the student withdraws from the university within one month after receiving the laptop, he must return the laptop in good working condition. If he withdraws at a later date, he must pay the cost of the laptop.

The University has allocated a hall in the library as a museum to display replicas of the most important monuments. This has been done with the objective of familiarizing students of The College of Archaeology and Tourist Guidance with the Egyptian history and civilization throughout the different ages.

The University Hostels
The university hostels consist of a five-storey building for male students and a three-villa complex for female students. Both hostels are situated in Al-Motamayez District close to the University campus. The hostels are well-furnished and equipped with cooking facilities as well as means of entertainment.

The university provides regular buses that cover most of Cairo districts. This facilitates transportation for subscribing students in return for transportation fare to and from the university campus comfortably.


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