Purchasing Department

Mr.Seraj Mohammed Zaher, General Manager

Profile :
The Purchasing Dept is concerned with executing the directives or orders to supply the university departments’ prerequisites and requirements. It is, however, in charge of planning and framing policies, making decisions, as well as research and study in order to select the items properly in terms of quality, quantity, price, time as well as the origin. In addition, the department is commissioned to follow up supply orders and checking the purchased items. Moreover, it is concerned with ensuring coordination among the university departments. This department is of paramount importance since it tries to provide the items needed by the university, and without which it can’t proceed apace.

Vision :
We do our level best in order to make the department performance as efficient as possible in a way that guarantees the provision of needed items in time and cost-effectively. That can be achieved through modern techniques that can help the department to analyze data available as quickly and accurately as possible so as to make the appropriate action to achieve our objectives as well as using this data in following up and monitoring the needed items and make sure that there is enough stock of them.

Message :
The Department seeks to use the most effective techniques in purchasing and tries to improve them constantly. We aim, however, to establish good relationships with the other departments at MUST. Also, we keep full record of the documents of all purchases.

Objectives :
The Department seeks to provide items needed cost-effectively putting into consideration quality and abstaining from purchasing the same item so as not face unneeded redundancy.

Distinct Features :
The Department is distinctive in:
1.Seeking to provide the needed items for the whole university.
2.Continuous improvement in system of work.
3. Making use of the advancement in technology to avoid the negative aspects of the traditional methods of work.
Subsidiary Department Affiliated to the Purchasing Department :
The Purchasing Department is consisted of :
I. External Purchases Department :
It is concerned with the purchase of devices and machines imported through the concerned companies. That’s done through the bids made by the Department.
II. Local Purchases Department :
It is responsible for providing the university locally-made needs through the suppliers registered and analyzing the quotations offered.
III.Quotations Follow-up Department :
It is concerned with the preparation and updating the key suppliers’ database, following up quotations according to the purchases orders. These offers are analyzed and take the most appropriate.



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