Public Relations Department

Vision :

  • This department seeks efficiently to make MUST a competitive university among other universities.
  • Deepening and enhancing co-operation with others universities on the Arabic and international levels, as well as signing agreements in the field of scientific research.
  • Doing marketing promotion for MUST projects through the wide powerful contacts that the department has, in addition to finding financial sources to them domestically and internationally.
  • Doing effective marketing for MUST worldwide.

Mission :

  • This department seeks to take advantage of the advanced techniques of communications available to support the university in its programmes and fields generally.

Objectives :

  • The Department seeks to use the most effective techniques in purchasing and tries to improve them constantly. We aim, however, to establish good relationships with the other departments at MUST. Also, we keep full record of the documents of all purchases.
  • Informing the public of MUST’s policy and services it provides so as to make them fully and constantly aware of this aspect, with a view to consolidating and facilitating constructive cooperation.
  • Conveying the views and demands of the public to MUST administration to be studied and try to fulfill them as much as possible.
  • To be informed of the working staff demands and needs culturally, who deserves promotion, trying to assist them in solving their problems, encouraging them to take part in different intellectual as well as social activities.
  • Taking part in the preparation of media materials in addition to cultural publications as well as the pamphlets related to MUST activities to make the public aware of them.
  • Trying to surmount any obstacle that a student might encounter.
  • Presenting the best image of MUST in conferences and seminars.
  • Presenting the best image of MUST at all levels, locally and globally.
  • Consolidating the relationship between MUST and the other organizations.
  • Facilitating better coordination between MUST departments and trying to remove any obstacle they might face.
  • Evaluating the tools and souvenirs the PR department needs to be distributed to visitors as well as submitting the proposals to the person in charge to be approved.
  • Activating the role of MUST in holding different cultural activities, such as books fairs and art galleries as well as celebrations that may help the interaction between MUST with the community and enhancing its pioneering role.
  • Interacting with the different mass media and addressing them on the official level.
  • Issuing news and illustrated brochures about MUST.
  • Issuing informational brochures and publications that help present the necessary information about the university activities to the targeted audience.



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