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The Fellowship Course of Misr University for Science & Technology, and the University of Genoa is a one year course of study and examination in the use of lasers as an adjunct to clinical dental surgery and medicine.

Fellowship shall define a level of competence that is consistent with an experienced laser user. The course is designed to provide evidence-based core knowledge in laser use in dentistry and to refine practical skills. Emphasis is placed on the integration of this course into the on-going practice in dentistry for each participant and the future benefit of laser use for dental patients.


Elements of the course are didactic theoretical and applied clinical knowledge of laser use in all aspects of dental surgery and medicine. Additional aspects shall include the practical use of lasers and the compilation of clinical case presentations.


The course is composed by four three-day modules (140 hours of continuous education).


The teaching faculty is selected from members of Misr University for Science & Technology and the Faculty of Medicine, University of Genoa and accredited International specialists in laser dentistry.


Successful completion of the course and examination shall be recognized by the presentation of a certificate

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