About CBS

Prof. Dr. Assem Shawkey Deif, Ph.D.


By basic sciences we mean the group of sciences which furnish the basis for all scientific disciplines, i.e. which lie in their inner core. They are in the first place, the mathematical sciences along with statistics, physics, chemistry and the biological sciences. One task of the CBS is to supervise their teaching, coordinate their courses and finally to promote research in these areas.
Applied sciences like medicine, engineering, pharmacy, etc…are concerned with the practical application of scientific or empirical knowledge in order to cure or solve a real world problem.

A thorough acquisition of basic sciences secures therefore a successful implementation of scientific knowledge. This is because basic sciences constitute the first strata or step necessary for the development of the student’s capabilities. A student with poor basic knowledge will not be able to handle practical problems which rely mostly on the basic knowledge. On the contrary, a student knowledgeable in basic sciences can easily master new information pouring in continuously and can well adapt this information to solve problems more efficiently.
Since particular attention is given nowadays to the investigation of down-to-earth subjects, e.g. air pollution, warming, environmental protection, energy conservation, etc… One purpose of the CBS is to foster interest in these areas by proposing new suitably designed courses to be injected into the present university curricula. This will eventually enrich the present educational curricula by calling upon the students to acquire a sense of awareness of the world current research interest. 
Some of our fresh students, when joining the university, do not master the necessary scientific basis needed to help them pursue their study without due difficulties. To let them become integrated into the university ongoing system without feeling or exhibiting an abrupt jump, the CBS will offer to them prerequisite courses in order to strengthen their academic level.
To enhance the role of research inside the university is one of the main aims of the CBS. It is well known that MUST possesses an advanced research centre with dear equipment to which is affiliated a team of technical expertise. Any university staff member who conducts experimental research within the centre can seek consultancy and advice from the part of CBS It is worth mentioning that this central research laboratory is responsible for the operation, maintenance and the upgrading of most of MUST laboratory facilities. 


As envisaged in the university legislation in 1996, our mission is to plan, direct and coordinate the instruction of the basic sciences at MUST, in order to achieve excellence in both education and research.


Our vision is to develop an environment that fosters effective teaching and learning, innovative as well as ethically based educational program in the field of basic sciences. The versatility of our existing faculty and their commitment to basic sciences will help create an intellectually stimulating environment that attracts scientists to conduct cross-disciplinary research. A centre of excellence in basic sciences can therefore be foreseen which will recruit creative individuals able to push hopefully the frontiers of science in a self-integrated way.


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