Textbook and Laptop Department

Mr. Medhat Amer , General Manager

Profile :
This department is affiliated to the university Secretary General. The department is concerned with distributing the university teaching staff’s books and textbooks to MUST students. It is, however, concerned with distributing laptops to all freshmen.

Vision :
This department provides full support to the university books, scientific textbooks as well as laptops handed out to each student. These elements are key tools help reach the required standards academically and scientifically.

Mission :

1.Distributing the set books prior to the beginning of the academic year (during August and September).

2.Submitting a tender in July annually among the publishers to supply textbooks recommended by some colleges (e.g. Engineering, Mass Communications (Arabic and English), Foreign Languages and Translation, Physical Therapy, Applied Medical Sciences), in addition to the University Requirements Deanship.

3.Distributing the university teachers’ books and textbooks to all freshmen.

4.Carrying out evaluation to the teaching staff books by a committee formed by the university Chancellor.

5.By virtue of the distribution contracts, payment for the university teachers is made on a quarterly basis.

6.Handing out laptops to all freshmen prior to the beginning of study, namely during the registration period.

7.Handling the payment details for all books suppliers following the first term.

8.Distributing books through software launched in 2007 that shows the courses registered, the books he must get and the books already given to him / her.

9.Distributing laptops through software that shows whether the student is freshman or not.

Objectives :
We do our best to develop MUST teachers' books by maintaining the required high standards. Each publication distributed must bear MUST logo.



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