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Mission and Vision

College Mission:
The collage is committed to be a leader and accredited college with academically relevant local, regional and international reputation that is characterized by excellence and innovation in physiotherapy.

Strategic Vision:
Collage of Physical Therapy, Misr University for Science and Technology is committed to the graduation of physiotherapy practitioners according to the National Academic Reference Standards who are able to meet the needs of local and regional physical therapy market and also as a researchers who committed to scientific research for the development of the profession within the framework of values and moral standards that support the service of society and the surrounding environment.

Strategic objectives:
For successful implementation of the strategic vision, the collage of physical therapy shall fulfill the following strategic objectives through well organized planes and action programs.
  1. Fulfill the requirements and selection of highly qualified manpower in the basis of full time and in all branches and fields.
  2. Increase and enhance the physical therapist and student membership and promote awareness of the value of physical therapy.
  3. Demonstrate professionalism through compassionate care, accountability, competency and advocacy.
  4. Achieve high standards of professionalism through utilization of valid theories, research and sound ethics.
  5. Proactively participate in policymaking and legislation to attain autonomous practice and appropriate reimbursement.
  6. Educate members and stakeholders to create an environment that support that support autonomous practice.
  7. Prepare the undergraduate students to meet the challenges inherent to the different aspects of health care.
  8. Offer the chance for graduate students to serve as physical therapist general practitioner.
  9. Establish continuing educational and training programs to maintain high standards of professional development and the therapists and staff through domestic graduate programs or study abroad system.
  10. Develop the use of multimedia interactive educational technology to offer regular training on the advanced teach learning methods, learning programs for individualized instruction and distance learning.
  11. Establish high quality technological laboratory including advanced equipments, machinery and furniture.
  12. Set up and organize physical therapy education resources center and line it with libraries, research centers and international universities and organizations.
  13. Achieve regular and continuous revision of collage requirements including curriculum, instrumentation and procedures and seek international accreditation.
  14. Provide an exchange of visits and information with international universities, advanced physical therapy centers around the world on the basis of well developed collaborative researches and technical co-operation programs.
  15. Maintain continuous and standards of high quality physical therapy education.
  16. Emphasize cognitive affective values and attitudes and psychomotor skills in training the physical therapy students.
  17. Use international and standards for evaluating learning outcomes.