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Dean: Prof. Salah Sawan, Ph.D.
Physical therapy is a vital form of professional patient care that can be applied in most disciplines of medicine. It is the newest and yet the oldest field of medical practice. It is the newest because only in the past seventy years it has come to be recognized as an integral part of regular medical care. It is the oldest, However, because physical agents have been used in the treatment of diseases or injuries for thousands of years.

The goal of the College of Physical Therapy, is to provide the society with therapists who are adequately prepared by a carefully-planned educational programme to serve, today and in the future in such capacities, as providers care for patients suffering from temporary or permanent disabilities resulting from musculoskeletal, cardiopulmonary, neurological, gynaecological and pediatric disorders.

The college, with an eye to recent advances, is keen on contributing to the supply of well-qualified graduates who can meet the job requirements without difficulties. It also introduces special emphasis on areas such as industrial physical therapy, sports physical therapy, care of the elderly and multi-handicapped patients, in addition to the traditional courses needed to fulfill the graduation requirements.

Each student has the unparalleled opportunity to perform the essential training in a comfortable and caring atmosphere due to the excellent student / instructor ratio and the close interaction between the students and the selected groups of academics with excellent teaching records.

The college labs are well-equipped with the most advanced educational tools, instrumentations and equipments that allow the students to gain the best practical experience.

A total of 190 credit hours are to be completed through eight semesters and two summer sessions before graduation. These are followed by a 12-months training at the university and other educational hospitals.

Phsical Therapy is concerned with identifying and maximizing movement potential, within the Spheres of Promotion, Prevention, Treatment and Rehabiliation

New applicants are required to have an interview with the college dean.