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Dean : Prof. Mohamed Mohsen Ismail, Ph.D.
We at the College of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Drug Manufacturing, Misr University for Science and Technology, are Proud of providing outstanding environments for a robust, professional and clinical education leading to degrees in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science.

Our extensive educational program will prepare the pharmacist to be a member of the healthcare management team. The pharmacist is integrated in the drug use decision making process and in some instances is responsible for the selection of the appropriate medication(s), dosage form(s), does(s) and dose schedule(s).
The pharmaceutical sciences derive their basic strength from the inter disciplinary nature of the programs along with their world renowned reputation as leader in pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and biopharmaceutics, pharmaceutical science links analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, molecular biology, pharmacology and toxicology, sophisticated kinetics, clinical medicine and bioinformatics.

Based on the above mentioned facts, the vision of the College of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Drug Manufacturing is to be distinct college and academically accredited in pharmaceutical sciences, locally , regionally and internationally The mission of the college is to graduate pharmacists according to National Academic Reference Standards (NARS) , Who meet the local and regional labor market and the requirements of advanced drug manufacturing . Pharmacists who are able to perform innovative scientific research and provide community pharmaceutical care , training and scientific counseling within ethical values.

The future hold much promise for those entering the field of pharmacy. If you, like me, find expanding horizons a cause for excitement, enjoy the stimulation of interdisciplinary pursuits, and welcome a career of disciplined diversity. We offer you a sincere invitation to join us.