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Drug Information Center Overview
The Drug Information Center has opened on November 22, 2006 under the care of Professor M.F. Elmeligi, Dean of college of Pharmacy- MUST. In order to fulfill one of the college's missions; this is to enhance pharmaceutical care for the Egyptians, through the provision of up to date Information to the pharmacy students.

Drug Information Service
The Drug Information Center supports evidence based medical practice, by providing accurate, unbiased and up-to-date drug information.
Smoothes physician daily practice, by providing solutions for patientís medication related problems.
The center provides training for pharmacy students on the art of Drug Information Provision in order to enhance Pharmaceutical care.
Organizes and participates in safe medication use and patientís education campaigns.
Produces periodical newsletter that covers up to date clinical and pharmaceutical issues.

Dr. Sherif El Ghandour, the coordinator of the center is a certified drug information pharmacist by the University of Iowa College of pharmacy, Division of Drug Information service. He has been the coordinator of Poison and Drug Information Center, Emirate of Abu Dhabi Ė UAE till recently.

Dr. Samar Mahmoud, is a newly graduate College of pharmacy Ė MUST, and applicant for master in clinical pharmacy.

Dr. Doaa Hamdan, is a newly graduate College of pharmacy Ė MUST, and applicant for master in clinical pharmacy.