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Hospital Transfusion Committee ( HTC )


A transfusion committee is established to monitor and review clinical transfusion practice in the hospital. Blood is a scarce human source, when used correctly, it saves lives. However, it carries the risk of acute and delayed complications and transfusion transmitted infections. So the transfusion policy in the hospital aims at reducing the need for transfusion, minimize unnecessary transfusions and ensure safe and appropriate use of blood and blood products.

Mission of HTC

Ensure effective clinical transfusion practice in the hospital in relation to blood safety, blood, blood components and blood alternatives adequacy and appropriate use of blood and its products.

Objectives of HTC

  • Implementation of national guidelines.
  • Training the hospital staff.
  • Preparing hospital standard operating procedures and blood ordering schedule.
  • Monitoring and evaluation :
  • Safety and adequacy of blood, blood products and transfusion alternatives in the hospital.
  • Traceability of blood products usage in the hospital.
  • Adverse events related to transfusion.

Members of the Committee

The committee involves all departments that are involved in prescribing blood and blood products. They include :

  • Hospital director
  • Director of blood transfusion centre
  • Senior representatives of clinical specialties prescribing blood
  • Hospital head nurse
  • Director of financial affairs