Dean: Prof. Hisham Attia, Ph.D

The Philosophy guiding the collegeís efforts is that journalists and the
other communicators must understand the political, social, economic and cultural force operating within society. For that reason, students acquire a background in humanities, social and natural sciences, while preparing themselves for careers in journalism and mass communication.
Students are exposed to the main courses, which form the history of communication, and, in the meantime, they are made aware of the role of computers in communication.

The courses in journalism, radio & TV and advertising is professionally oriented to train the student in the skills of writing and editing within the framework of ethics and responsibility.

The college has up-to-date facilities and equipment for study and practice in mass communication fields. These facilities include networked computer labs, photography lab, digital photography hardware and software and broadcast studios. The College Library offers access to the latest electronic databases. Field experience in journalism, advertising and public relations / information is part of graduation requirements. A total of 150 credit hours are needed for graduation.

College / Departments:

Public Relations & Advertising Department

P.R and Advertising Department provides the students with the science and art of dealing with people to build or improve the image of any individual and organization.

P.R. and Advertising Department introduce the students to the field of advertising and help them acquire the professional principles and practices in P.R. and Advertising. The students study specialized topics in P.R. and advertising, persuasion, research methods, ads. design, P.R writing, marketing, planning, com. campaigns and com. skills.

Broadcasting Department

This department helps the students to be qualified in the field of Broadcasting (Radio & TV). Therefore, the students study specialized subjects such as TV production, writing for radio & TV, drama, criticism, visual com. ads. In electronic media, educational and cultural programmes, variety programmes international broadcasting and broadcasting journalism.

The department prepares the students to be eligible for the broadcasting tasks armed with the academic and practical knowledge in this field.

Journalism Department

Students in this department study some challenging subjects in journalism. They acquire the inclusive knowledge in the field. They study newspaper and magazine layout, printing, news gathering and editing, publication design, editorial writing, ads. In print media, editorial techniques, graphics for print media, journalism technology, news sources, research methods, magazine journalism, news agencies and law and press. The students practice the journalism work through the college magazine.