Mechatronics Engineering
Prof. Dr. Muhammad M Hamdy
The word Mechatronics was first invented by a senior engineer of a Japanese company; Yaskawa, in 1969, as a combination of "mecha" for mechanisms and "tronics" for electronics. The word (Mechatronics) has taken a wider meaning since then and is now used widely as a technical terminology to describe a Philosophy in engineering technology, more than the technology itself. Thus, in a short statement, Mechatronics is a term that indicates the field of study concerned with the design of computer controlled electro-mechanical systems. 

It is now obvious that Mechatronics engineering encompasses many topics associated with traditional mechanical, electrical, electronic and computer engineering disciplines. These disciplines have been combined to form an interdependent assembly of the three of them. The advent of the state of the art technologies of semiconductors, electronics, and computer industries has paved the way for the design and construction of Mechatronics devices and systems.

It is now understandable that prospective engineers expected to graduate from engineering faculties and institutes should be qualified to work in  a challenging environment in the computerized technological dominated industries.

The Mechatronics Engineering Program at (MUST):

At the Faculty of Engineering, Misr University for Science and Technology (MUST) a well designed and organized program for teaching Mechatronics Engineering discipline is run by the Mechatronics Engineering Program. The program is established based on an integrated educational curriculum encompassing the essential topics from the three main disciplines; Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics, and Computer Science and technologies.
Moreover, the strong links maintained between MUST and the industries enhance student chances to practice and live inside the industry environment to gain confidence and build up needed capabilities and skills.

Mission of the Mechatronics Engineering Program:
The mechatronics engineering program at MUST seeks to meet the needs of the Egyptian, the Arab, and the regional societies with quality mechatronics engineering programs in education, research, and community services

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