Computer and Software Engineering
Prof. Tamer M. Nassef

Computer and Software Engineering is concerned with the design of computer systems. Computer Engineering spans a broad range of activities, from the design and modeling of devices used in the construction of computer systems to the configuration of large systems and networks of computers, including both hardware and software.

The application of computer engineering ranges from the design of highly-specialized, dedicated processors to general-purpose systems, and the physical size of computing systems range from microprocessors to supercomputers. Upon completing the computer and software engineering program the student will also gain a solid foundation in the basic sciences, mathematics, electrical theory, and computer hardware and software. While the program includes a strong core curriculum, individual interests and specific career goals may be accommodated through electives in technical specialties. During the senior year, students are permitted to select technical electives either in one or more specialization.
Computer and Software Engineering graduates find employment in industry government, and educational institutions. Opportunities also exist for self-employed computer consultants. Specific jobs for which the computer engineers are prepared include hardware design, design automation, VLSI design, test design, fault tolerant design, software engineering, digital communications, artificial systems development, and computer networking and computer architecture. For this reason, Misr University for Science and Technology is offering this program to fill a very important gap in the job market in Egypt.
The general character of this Computer and Software Engineering curriculum is designed with the aim of providing the student with fundamental training in Computer and Software Engineering disciplines equal to those offered by American Universities in about 160 credit hours, and is extended further towards enabling him/her to acquire sufficient Computer and Software Engineering education within the range of 40 more credit hours to end up with a total of 200 credit hours.
To insure the right merging of the Computer and Software Engineering concepts within the different areas of this engineering profession, the student is advised to go into little more depth in one of the sub-disciplines of Computer and Software Engineering through various combinations of electives.

Mission Statement of the Computer and Software Engineering Program:

The program provides facilities to students for having leadership roles in Computer & Software Engineering. These facilities include high-quality education to support and enhance the profession of Computer & Software Engineering through its education, research and service activities. Students will be taught to address problems of programming on solid technical foundations while taking advantage of advanced technologies. The graduates will be prepared for the pursuit of advanced learning in Computer & Software Engineering and related fields, as well as for the practice at the highest professional levels.

Objectives of the Computer and Software Engineering Program:

The objective of this program is to prepare engineers at the entry professional level to conceive, plan, design, direct, estimate the cost and safely manage the problem solving process by computer. The program is designed to turn out future Computer & Software engineers who will understand and accept the moral, ethical, legal and professional obligations for protecting the public welfare. Also, the graduates will acquire the kind of critical thinking and creativity needed for successful development based on gaining the leadership and management skills. This will create effective teams and communication routines.
Accordingly, within the vision and the mission of the program, the objectives are:

  • The program will provide high quality education that prepares undergraduate and graduate students for a life-long learning experience.
  • The Computer & Software Engineering program provides its graduates with skills necessary to design a solution for a given problem using engineering components (Hardware & Software) to meet desired goals.  Graduates are expected to think creatively, synthesize information, and to come up with practical solutions for close- and open-ended practical design problems.
  • Graduates should be able to function effectively individually, as well as in multi-disciplinary teams with ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
  • Graduates are expected to develop broad knowledge of current technologies important to Computer & Software Engineering.  They are expected to gain proficiency in the use of modern engineering techniques and tools, with emphasis on the role of computers and information technology in engineering.
  • Graduates are equipped with broad education in Computer Engineering as well as Software Engineering for other technical and non-technical disciplines.
    • Appreciate and understand the impact of Computer & Software Engineering and technology in a global and social context including environmental issues.
    • Develop solid understanding of professional and ethical responsibilities.
    • Demonstrate the ability to engage in lifelong learning in their profession as well as contemporary issues pertaining to their profession and society in which they live and work.

Special Characteristics of the Computer and Software Engineering Program:

To insure the right merging of the Computer & Software Engineering concepts within the different areas of the Engineering profession and also to maintain the features of the Computer Engineering program, the student is advised to go into little more depth in one of the sub-disciplines in database design, operating systems, programming languages and algorithms, or to develop his interest through various combinations of electives.
Although the program was recently started, it had gained excellent reputation. The graduates of this program are ready to work in different fields of design, management as well as decision making. Also, they are capable of learning and improving on the job thus filling a very important gap in the job market in Egypt as well as in other Middle East countries. Also, there is always immediate and wide spread increase in demand for Computer & Software Engineers from both government and private sectors, giving rise to many job opportunities. This can be manifested by the continuous demand for computer engineers by Agencies, Consulting firms, General communications companies, Research organizations, as well as Sales engineering companies.

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