Architectural Engineering
Prof. Hoda Abdul-Rahman El-Shayyal

Architectural education prepares students for professional practice, research, education, industry and governmental service as these relate to the design of the physical environment. The central issue in architecture is the quality of the human habitat to accommodate a diverse and complex range of human activity.

The needs of people, the context for building and the impact of natural forces must all considered as major factors including building design. An architect must understand the nature of human problems in their environmental context, have knowledge of the techniques and technology of building and possess the intellectual and aesthetic skills necessary for a creative synthesis of the complex of information into relevant and expressive design solutions.
Architectural Engineering, on the other hand, is a fairly young interdisciplinary study based on traditional architectural education with emphasis on engineering aspects relevant primarily to buildings. It was initiated a little over a decade ago when it has become apparent that some architect slacked fundamental aspects of building engineering and lagged behind engineers in integrating proper engineering principles into building design.
Architectural engineering addresses critical aspects of building engineering and services most notably, building structural analysis and design, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC), plumbing (water and natural gas supply and sewage), fire alarm and suppression systems, and electrical power supply and lighting.
And the study of thermal problems related to the heat transfer in fields conduction, convection and radiation as well as energy transfer with engineering applications in building technology.
It is important to realize that this curriculum is intended to provide the primary architectural building designer with background that would allow him to design better understanding of the integration and interaction of building systems and to facilitate communication with other specialists involved in the design and construction of buildings and the installation of necessary building services and amenities. In addition to the course studied by all students, four areas of concentrations are offered as electives to the students in areas of modern concerns and technologies.

Mission of the Architectural Engineering Program:
The program provides high-quality education to enhance the profession of architectural engineering. The faculty is committed to advance the state of the art of discipline and to communicate existing and new subject matter to undergraduate and graduate students.