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Excellence in the level of graduate, and introducing scientific research and technologies that improve dental medicine and community service locally, regionally, and internationally.


التميز في مستوي الخريج وتقديم بحوث وتقنيات علميه ترتقي بعلوم طب الاسنان وخدمه المجتمع محليا و اقليميا ودوليا


Developing knowledge and skills of the student according to academic references standers to equip them with requirements of competitive job market and community service, and sharing with scientific research that will improve the dental medicine locally and regionally.


تنميه معارف ومهارات الطلاب وفقا لمعايير اكاديميه قياسيه بما يؤهلهم لاستيفاء متطلبات سوق العمل وخدمه المجتمع كما تساهم بالابحاث العلميه في ارتقاء مجال طب الاسنان محليا واقليميا


1.Praise Teamwork skills.

2.Sustain Credibility and transparency.

3.Commend work ethics.

4.Embrace the tenets of equality, and reject discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, and religious backgrounds.

5.Abide by patent and intellectual property rights.


العمل بروح الفريق

المصداقية والشفافية

إعلاء قيمة إتقان العمل

الإيمان بالمساواة ونبذ التمييز الطائفي أو العرقي أو الديني

احترام حقوق الملكية الفكري

Dean: Prof. Hany Amin, Ph.D.
Drawings on stones dating back to 7000 years ago have registered the advanced dentistry and surgery at that time. Also, dental implants can be seen in the pharaohs’ skulls besides fillings and wire splints. As we stepped into the 21st century, we were keen on keeping this leadership and superiority. Great emphasis is directed towards graduating a dental surgeon with special abilities in the practice of clinical and laboratory procedures.

Through the dedication of highly qualified professors, the use of modern technical laboratories equipped with the most up-to-date equipment and the support of educational technology and state-of-the-art library, excellence in instruction and research is assured.

Elaborate training on patients and special research projects are added as extra requisites before graduation. Ethics of dental profession and scientific thinking are extensively taught for the sake of professional and moral Excellence.

A total of 210 credit hours over ten semesters are to be completed before graduation.