Admission and Registration Department

Vision :
This department should be exemplary among the other Arab universities and take the lead domestically, in the region, as well as globally, as an institution providing students with the necessary services and care in all disciplines, training, vocational field, in addition to enhancing the nationalistic fervour among MUST students and making him / her loyal to their university, country and the Arab World, also through the distinct service provided to all freshman and other students in a way that enables the student to enroll (finish all admission and registration procedures) personally thanks to the advanced techniques.

Mission :

  • Facilitating admission and registration procedures by means of the most state-of-the-art means.
  • Keeping the student in touch with the university on a continuous basis.
  • Preparing well-qualified cadres that are able to enhance the education process and create a statistical database to follow up the student’s academic standing with a view to providing the highest level of services in agreement with the set rules and regulations.

Objectives :

  • A student eligible for admission should have a place in the university.
  • Selecting the best students, Egyptians and non-Egyptians, from the General Secondary Certificate graduates.
  • Sparing no effort to have the students aware of the university rules and regulations, study plans, exams, etc., through the different means in campus and out of it.
  • Having the students’ academic records authenticated and updating them regularly.
  • Enhancing and making use of the techniques in the Admission and Reg. Deanship in a way that allows the student to follow up their academic affairs anywhere.
  • Handing out excellent students their remunerations in time.
  • Authenticating and finishing graduation procedures smoothly according to the dates stated in the academic calendar.
  • Contributing to shaping a character as befitting a balanced, perfect university student.
  • Developing the student’s conduct and good manners and prepare them to bear responsibilities.
  • Strengthening the student-teacher relationship in addition to their university during study and after graduation, too.
  • Students should pass their leisure at MUST in constructive and useful programmes.
  • Encouraging the students to be socially interactive and develop the relationship between each other.
  • Cultivating students’ talents and raising their knowledge in addition to let them be aware of the different advanced sources of knowledge.
  • Providing the graduates with the necessary training and suitable work opportunities that are compatible with the academic education output policy and meet the requirements of work market.
  • Achieving fairness and ease in laying down the admission procedures.
  • Providing the necessary data required for registration to facilitate it for the applicants.
  • Informing the applicants of the conditions and the required credentials to finish registration as quickly as possible.
  • Seeking to achieve the highest level of accuracy as regards the students’ academic standing on the computer system as well as the printed documents.
  • Providing each student with an ID and an ID card to use it in campus.
  • Completing registration for each student each semester in accordance with the set study plan.
  • Seeking to make the registration process better in a way that allows the student to do his / her registration, drop and add courses smoothly and according to the set academic calendar.
  • Authenticating the students’ academic standing documents, either in the form of soft copy or hard copy, during their study.
  • Putting decrees issued into effect, such as re-enrollment, change of grade, banning from exam, etc.
  • Revising the student’s academic standing in addition to his / her registration to make sure that it is done in line with the set study plan.
  • Preparing graduation notes and submitting them to the University Council for approval.
  • Preparing graduation documents in Arabic and English and hand them over to students.
  • Keeping students’ files in a safe place until graduation.

Profile :

  • Providing all services related to admission, registration with the help of the student’s academic advisor.
  • Estimating tuition fees, supplying students with their study data and information upon their request.
  • Preparing all data and certificates for the graduates.
  • Contacting all official bodies, e.g. The Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Health, Enlistment Authority, etc.) to execute their directives.
  • Producing statistics for freshmen, transfer students in addition to the graduates to be used by the top administration in taking the proper actions.
    I. Informational Tasks

  • Making the students and their parents aware of study plans and programs that are connected with the University Council, and making them aware of rules and criteria of the credit hours system applied, answering their questions regarding the system of study, tuition fees as well as other enquiries. This can be done either by fax, phone or email.
  • II. Admission
  • The department receives applications and carries out the procedures related thereto.
  • Preparing the student guide annually as well as the admission plan and follow up them.
  • Receiving the admission applications, arranging for the reception event, in addition to carrying out and following it up, arranging for the English placement test, and publishing the final admission results.
  • Answering all admission enquiries received by mail or phone and supplying them with the necessary required information.
  • Preparing study documents and certificates, coordinating with the other departments at MUST to provide the needed services to the newcomers, such as receiving them, providing accommodation, and finishing all procedures related to their official stay in Egypt upon their request.
  • Recording the regulations and instructions needed for the process mentioned above either for the students or those responsible for the registration process. Another important task carried out by this department is auditing the tuition fees fixed by and in coordination with the Finance and Accounts Department. This is done for the freshmen as well as the old students. Admission procedures can be divide into two categories as follows :

  • (a) Admission for Freshmen (Egyptians and non-Egyptians) :
    1. Freshman are admitted in different disciplines according to the plan worked out by MUST Council after checking their credentials and files upon registration or transferring provided they have already passed the qualifying courses for each college.
    2. Arranging for receiving freshmen and following up the work of committees formed. Dates are fixed to receive freshmen, which is a week prior to registration during which they become ware of MUST system, help them understand and apply it, inform them of the dates of timetables pursuant to the study plan for each college prior to beginning of study each semester.
    3. Preparing a file for each freshman containing the certificates he / she got, their previous history of education. This is kept in the department archives.
    4. Entering freshmen and transfer students’ data, giving them all the documents related to registering the allowed courses, keeping their registrations in records to be referred to in any case.
    5. Finalizing the incomplete files for freshmen, sorting them, following up the completion of the required documents on their part which are needed to be authenticated at the Admission Bureau of Private Universities.
    6. Entering data related to all students on MUST LAN.
    (b) Admission for Transfer Students :
    Transfer students are categorized into two groups as follows :
    i. Transfer Students in campus :
    Those are governed by the regulations set in this respect provided there are spaces for them in the college they wish to transfer to.
    ii. Transfer students from other universities : The university admits students transferred from other universities to a higher level provided the college the student wishes to transfer from is equivalent to the one transferred to. Another condition in this respect is that the total number of earned credit hours doesn’t exceed 50% of the total of graduation hours required in the college transferred to.
    This calls for certain conditions as follows :
    First : For Egyptian students :
    A student must submit the original transcript authenticated and stamped by the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education. In this case, a student must submit a withdrawal letter from the college he has transferred from. Another requirement is that the student mustn’t have failed if he / she has come from a private university.
    Second : For Non-Egyptians :
    A student must have all his documents authenticated from the Egyptian Embassies or Consulates, such as transcripts, Thanaweyya Amma and birth certificate. In addition, a student must bring a letter from the cultural attaché stating that the university he wishes to transfer from is accredited within their country (according to their nationality).
    III. Registration :
    1. The department receives qualified students, recording them on MUST Student Information System, dedicate ID number, finalize their administrative procedures to guarantee regular attendance, and informing the concerned departments at MUST of that.
    2. Drawing up student lists and supplying the teaching staff with them at the beginning and end of each semester.
    3. Observing and following up the publication of exam results on MUST LAN.
    4. Arranging the documents and files required for registration.
    5. Following up equivalent certificates of the transfer students pursuant to the criteria set forth by the Admission Bureau of Private Universities.
    IV. Graduates :
    1. Drawing up lists for prospective graduates and following up the completion of their graduation procedures.
    2. Drawing up lists for graduates according to their estimates.
    3. Following up the issue of their letters of release from MUST.
    4. Issuing all certificates and transcripts in Arabic and English upon the student’s request.
    V. Outer Relationships :
    1. Ensuring coordination between the different colleges to facilitate the providing of data and information about students when required by an outer official institution.



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